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My largest project to date just funded to over 780% on kickstarter! You can still PRE-ORDER it until October 10th!
Dragons and Other Rare Creatures Vol 1 is a 300 page guide book with full color illustrations and details about each creature! This is my biggest and best book! There is a paperback and a very special hardcover with custom cover up for grabs! Planned mailing and public release is November 2018 (in time for the holidays!).

The Dragon Watcher Card Game expansion Ancient Artifacts funding and is NOW AVAILABLE in the store!

I create new dragons and other fantastical creatures continually for subscribers to my patreon!
I make paintings, digital wallpaper, videos, tutorials, field guide pages, prints, and more for based on subscriber input. You can be a part of it for as little as $1 and help choose what I'll paint and write about next! Subscribers get free digital wallpaper, coloring pages, and all sort of other goodies!

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I do personal and commercial commissions featuring wildlife, nature, fantasy, steampunk, pets, dragons, clockwork, and so forth. If you are interested in hiring me please see my page about commissions and send me an email. I try to respond to all emails within a day or two.

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