Where can I buy your work?
Many of books, prints, and other projects are available in the online store on this site. In addition I often run kickstarters to fund projects and those offer additonal special items - join my mailing list to be notified about these. You can ALSO order my books through just about any bookstore including amazon.com AND amazon kindle, find my t-shirts on RedBubble, and find my playmats/mousepads on Inked Gaming.

Can I use your art for ____?
Can I license your art for ____?
The work shown my on site is copyrighted and is used in my own products and projects (or commissioned by others for theirs). It is not for public use or licensing for commerical use. I do sell prints of many of my paintings and drawings - if you don't see the one you want listed on my site just drop me an email and ask. I also will do custom artwork you CAN use - the details are here.

Will you be at ______?
A full list of my upcoming events is available on the home page of this site.

Do you teach?
I used to teach, but I no longer have the time. I DO have several how to draw books published and I do new tutorial PDF and even videos of my drawing and painting every month for Patreon Subscribers.

Can you help me set up my project or Kickstarter?
Can you give me advice on crowdfunding?

I do not act as a direct consultant for other project creators. I'd love to help everyone, but I simply don't have the time to do so. My general advice is: google it! There are tons of great articles and help out there to get you started with crowdfunding and PR. Kickstater and other crowdfunding sites also provide a lot of help pages and videos. I DO suggest starting with smaller projects to learn the system and build a reputation. Also have a business plan in place including a PR plan at least 2-3 months before launching your project. Good luck!

Who prints your ____?

  • I work with CreateSpace and Ingram Spark for book publishing.
  • I use MPC (MakePlayingCards) for my deck printing.
  • For fabric printing I worked with both Inked Gaming and RedBubble.
  • For metal printing I use Faerie Metal Photography
  • For most other printing needs I use GotPrint and Artist Express.

    Are you single?
    Nope. I'm totally taken by an amazing man and my work. :)

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