Allow 3 to 6 weeks (plus shipping time) for 1-2 paintings/drawings.

Can I commission you?
I take private and commercial commissions (custom artwork) if it fits in between my events and projects. I have limited time and usually only take commissions that fit the subject matter and themes I enjoy working with (i.e. wildlife, pet portraits, dragons, clockwork, trees and so forth). I do not do any X rated or gory work (but creepy is fine). I will sometimes do "fan" or "parody" commissions, but it depends greatly on the content what it is based on.

What mediums can I get? What about prints or playmats?
Commissions may be in pencil, ink, watercolor, or digital paint.
In many cases I can also provide prints, shirts,bags, playmats, mousepads, bookmarks, and even custom cards for your personal use (postcards, holiday cards etc). Print costs are priced based on the printing cost at the time you commission me.

What does it cost (Personal)?
Personal commissions are are those for your own personal use not to be sold or reproduced for sale. Pricing depends on how much time it will take me to create but these usually fall into the $75-$175 USD range (plus any additonal printing or shipping costs).

What does it cost (Commercial)?
Commercial commissions require a contract that specifically outlines how they will be used/sold and the rights you are purchasing. Exclusive rights are most expensive. Prices start at $150 USD, but may be discounted depending on the rights (i.e. I can also sell prints) and number of images being commissioned.

How do I pay you?
Once we have discussed your commission and I have agreed to take it I will require half of the agreed amount (for large commerical commissions we may work out installments). When the work is completed I will send you a low-res picture of the commission and then mail it or provide the high-res digital copy once the remainder of the payment has been made. Payments may be made via paypal, credit card, or wire transfer.

So how do I hire you?
If you have read everything above and wish to commission me please email me at with the following information:

  • If it is personal or commerical work
  • What size and medium you want (i.e. watercolor, ink, pencil, or digital) you want.
  • What you want (a short paragraph is fine to start with).
  • If you have a deadline for the commission
  • If you want prints, playmats or other copies of the work
  • What country I will need to ship to (if shipping applies)

    I will get back to you within a few days to let you know if I can take your commission and how much it will cost.

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